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Welcome to CDox, the world of CD Documents. We are happy to present you a brand new CD-Cover tool, written in pure Java 1.4. You might want to take a look at our Sourceforge summary where you can download the program, report a bug, discuss in the forums and much more. Please note that there is a download mirror available, access it through the link at the left.

After you have downloaded the whole thing, or better while you download it or even better BEFORE downloading you might want to read the installation help page, a link can also be found on the left.

You are always welcome to mail us if you have problems or want to report a bug, but first please read the new FAQ page to see if your problem is a frequently asked one ;-) Also, reporting bugs can conveniently be done at the SourceForge summary pages mentioned above.

Monday, December 15th

Now that the webserver is online again, it also needs some updates since the hostname has changed. The new hostname is (amongst others), so the debian repository can be accessed with the following lines in /etc/apt/sources.list:

    deb testing contrib
    deb-src testing contrib

If there are any more broken links or something else referring to, please drop us a line. By the way: finally some work is on its way for CDDB/FreeDB support in CDox...

Wednesday, September 10th

CDox 1.0.3 is released. Well, this time it was only one "small" bugfix to get CDox to start when there were no existing preferences/options for CDox. This bug was introduced when the language choosing stuff was rewritten after we had the French language added (there were just too much languages ;-)).

Sure someone must have noticed this apart from us, so if you recognize/experience a bug, PLEASE just tell us. The worst that can happen is that we reject to fix it (for some obscure reason to you). The best that can happen is that you help IMPROVE our software. Well, fact is that this bug had been pretty obvious when we installed CDox on a fresh Debian installation, but we did not actually notice it before (because on our own machines, we always have used and always WILL use CDox).

So, no matter how stupid the bug may look to you, PLEASE TELL US! We just don't have the time, money, patience and imagination to check CDox in every single possible environment, not even the simplest ones (sometimes).

Tuesday, June 10th

CDox 1.0.2 is released. Fixes include several issues on Linux with the script and other things. But there are also some new features: CDox goes French, thanks to Nicolas Dubois, and there is also a new Mp3-Plugin which reads the information out of the ID3-Tags from Mp3-files, thanks to Dr. Christoph Georg Jung. Sorry it took so long...

Saturday, December 21th

Today, there will be a new version One... We messed up quite several things: The Italian language won't start up because we forgot to add a string, the Windows .exe file won't start up on anything other than Windows XP. Well, these things are fixed now, so if you are experiencing one of these problems, try the Version 1.0.1. Sorry, folks.

Friday, December 20th

Finally, the Version One is out. It fixes some problems with very fast computers, so try it out.

Friday, November 8th

Phew, what a mess on this page. A summary should of course be placed on top.

And now for something completely different: We've discovered a nice review of CDox in German language, which can be found here or here. Seems our program isn't so bad at all.

Saturday, August 31st

The new rc2 is out. This fixes a bad bug that we accidentially introduced in rc1 that caused the wizard not to work. We're sorry for that...

Wednesday, August 14th

Finally, the Win32-CDox-Installer for the rc1 is out. Check it out on the download page.

Thursday, July 18th

Good news! The CDox program 1.0rc1 is out! The developer pages have been updated a bit, including more information on the fileformat and information about the plugins in CDox. I think we did some good work until now, resulting in a platform-independant multilingual (thanks again to Franco Spinelli for the Italian version) cover generation program. Thanks for the feedback! Ah, well, you're using Debian? Try this in your /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb testing contrib
deb-src testing contrib
Sorry, but the Windows .exe files of 1.0rc1 are not ready yet.

Well, has been a while since the last update... Ok, the last version (I think it has been the 0.9.4-beta) had been a quite bad one, the printing quality has been quite bad IIRC. But the current version 0.9.6-beta has a good printing quality... Well, on the matter of development pages there is work in progress. The *.7-beta version will include support plugins in a good way (as we think of it). We will update the devel pages as soon as possible, promise. Suggestions are welcome, as always.