Installation help


Normally, installing the windows .exe or the linux .rpm should be easy. If there are problems, just feel free to ask. Here is the quick'n'dirty guide (detailed information can be found below) for installing by "hand", eg. by downloading a zip/tgz/bz2.

  1. Download the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) for your platform. You don't need a JDK, which is much bigger, only download the JRE, if unsure.
  2. Install it. Should be easy.
  3. Download the cdox binary distribution.
  4. Unpack the cdox binary distribution.
  5. Move the cdox binary distribution directory to the directory where you want it (optional).
  6. Go into the cdox binary distribution directory.
  7. Run either start.exe (for windows users) or (for un*x users).
  8. You should see CDox starting now.

Detailed information

No matter what platform you are running, you need a Java 1.4 platform installed and running on your machine. Please make sure that the java command is in your environment path ($PATH).

There is no need for a xerces any more. You just run into problems if a xerces > 2 and < 2.0.1 is in your classpath.

If you want to start it manually, you can use two ways: java -jar cdox.jar should start it, but without the plugins support (currently none exist, so you can use it safely). You can also use java -cp cdox.jar:plugins cdox.CDox to start it with a plugins directory in your classpath.

Hopefully, you have it running now. If you have problems, feel free to ask in the forums or somewhere else.